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  1. Name: Ruhon - Former founder Snapchat: RuRur1296 Instagram: alfa_zy Facebook - no longer in use
  2. Welcome! Been all cushty y'know - it's good spend time with the lads thanks man - it is what it is =) I would've liked to say the same in regards to hearing your name ;/
  3. What's good guys, recently been contacted by sp33dy advising he would like to see me around a little more. So here I am. What have you guys been up to irl? I have been working towards my goal of becoming a Specialist in a field within IT, whilst going to the gym for fitness, going out eating almost every other day and enjoying food experiences and enjoying the nightlife that comes with it. Alot has changed for me already in 2017, it maybe seen as a bad thing in the eyes of the innocent, but seen as life experience from my view. I intend on doing a bit of Traveling within Europe in 2017 and experiencing new cultures. I would personally say i have started to break out of my habits and started to do things that I enjoy without having restrictions, and i am starting to learn about the person I am as I'm doing this. Taking risks, and learning from experiences. Always remember it's better to make an experience rather then not ever knowing, it is never a mistake if you've not done it before. So how have you been? and what are you upto ?
  4. We will consider this once tourny's is over please speak to one of the following people @Dripping Ink @Adamant @Anie @Sp33dy20 These guys will be able to assist
  5. he;s a retard and he's dumb - you think we'll let you onto the TS on the day after you applied for another clan. YOU probably add 1+1 and get 3
  6. Morning, and NO lol on the day of tourney must be some LeaDER OF RETARDS
  7. good speech - if only you were to be here during my speeches - just ask any of the oldschool members that have pked with me - i sold dreams ! nigga Dreams!
  8. That's what they always say , the dog ate my homework, the cat sat on my keyboard ...... =P
  9. it would've been nice topic if you knew how to spell " Cheeky " lmfao - what school didn't you go to ?
  10. Looking to buy a new USB flashdrive to keep all of those treasured moments on or simply downloading movies so you can Movie & Chill with your girlfriend - I've done some research and dollar for dollar - i have found you the best USB on the market today as of 26/12/2015 - Things taken into consideration - - Read & Write Speeds - Generation e.g USB 2.0 , USB3.0 - Materials it is made from - Durability, Reliability - Price The Mushkin Ventura - http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820226475&cm_re=mushkin_ventura-_-20-226-475-_-Product
  11. R U H O N


    you;ve now been taught
  12. thats enough this case has now been closed you've been given your terms and conditions - abide by them - also just a side note having print screens like that is no help as we cannot identify one who is saying that and two if it is your mule 3. if you had photoshopped it , we're in a world where Chinese people have more than one inch because of the power of the tools available to us (just an example ofc not true)
  13. if this problem persists the people involved will all have their typing permissions taken away until further notice
  14. LEGIT GOOD STUFF - another google top topics i would imagine
  15. dhayyymn that looks good ,wwelcome
  16. i'm guaranteed not even going to try to play it due to the fact that i will get hooked by the way it sounds
  17. unreal, im not sure if its upc that's the problem
  18. R U H O N


    who's that ? get on teamspeak and speak to the real founder of ac
  19. legit this is pretty awsome , but i can just imagine making a script just to level up my character , lol but have magics to tele away etc dahmamnana imagine the irl gains that could be made
  20. legit , looks fun , and those new clients <3 that signature doe!
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