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  1. Nice job boys looks like an epic fight I missed out on
  2. thanks for the fight fsk. good shit to everyone who showed up
  3. now that i look back on it we had a fuck load of purple dots at the end
  4. wont be able to make it but gl boys and girls
  5. We were messing around at bear, pvming and anti pking anyone who came our way with about 5-8 people. We soon bumped into Play Dead and they outnumbered us about 15 to 10 and the fight was from south of bear, to south of vetion, to dwarves. As Play Dead slowly gained, we also gained to about 20 people as the fight went on for about an hour. Our transitions proved too much as well as Play Dead not wanting to leave 30 wilderness. As soon as we dragged them north to gap we cleared them and they called off returning. As they did DK rushed us from GDZ but honestly was so embarrassing - they got 1 banged left and right and didn't bother returning. Good shit AC as we took on both clans and cleared them all. Looking forward to more clean action like that in the future. #AC
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