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  1. damn bro rip. shoulda came and slayed on dmm with us
  2. Thanks for your bank kid. Nowhere is safe. Me, Austin, Minimash, and Quad had the hit squad ready to go. #AC
  3. one of the greatest videos ive ever seen
  4. People couldn't get over the fact that you scammed such a large amount. Plain and simple
  5. Bad boy being at the duel arena but you stole king's girl so all is right in the world
  6. Nice bro keep that grind going
  7. Hahaha some of these are ruthless
  8. Not on the ground way to buy from the ge
  9. ballista is way better, especially against max gear. also drop the torso and i think veracs plateskirt is better than tassys, the defence outweighs the tiny bit of strength given by a longshot
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