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  1. Few hours at catherby / burthorpe area loots: https://gyazo.com/7f03b9c033ff39d4617cab0380ecdf1e https://gyazo.com/97e99dfc280db9529ae8bd0d0d18ceb8
  2. Deciding to leave AC , nice guys will stay in touch with a few goodluck in deadman and see you guys around. - inst
  3. less worlds and maybe a 10x xp weekend for a small catchup for the people who are behind in levels!
  4. I had this idea but with the ghostly robe top works the same way and i think it's closer to a safezone?
  5. see you around kenny we will miss ya!
  6. grats mate end up getting that 94 magic by any chance?
  7. Killed a scout with a rune chain / glory next thing you know 20 tatata log in there was more didn't capture all in the picture lmao
  8. Haha too bad i wasn't there woulda laughed my ass off mate. good times.
  9. Yeah mate if i am online i can help out for sure man, just lemme know if you see me on ts mate
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