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  1. Lmao, lionleg this was good -.-
  2. A booty


    Do i have to re-intro? -.-
  3. A booty


    For some reason my donator rank has been removed, also i posted that i was busy with other things so gone for a while. Guess you get removed for that. ill reintro
  4. A booty


    Hello guys, I have been quite inactive the last couple of months because of finishing school holidays and work. I'm joining in again tonight when the new regular deadman starts, and wanted to wish you all good luck on the tournament tonight! #Ac4win Greetings Nick
  5. Took me 10 hours on tourny worlds, kind of scared to go there in this point of the game with people having blitz/barrage.
  6. A booty

    Free loot

    Some nice keys right there!
  7. Last time i went all i got was 2 axes, seercull and warrior ring. Thats some rng rite there
  8. All i see is tassets pretty lucky on those, bank has been made indeed.
  9. We will see it in a few hours, really hope so!
  10. Ded, another high ass player down
  11. It's an oke guide but what's complete aids to do is the tree gnome stronghold quest since you have to wait for so long for the warlord. not going to do this
  12. Hahahaha, same thing here dude horrible quest.
  13. He wasnt even pking solo, just some bullshit excuse -.-
  14. Have an old laptop, gotta recover the files on the hdd. Would love to see all the old pictures
  15. Haha, didnt see that coming either 2 hit.
  16. Damn, these things are even better as wyverns are.
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