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  1. i knew i had stalkers out and about, but did you hav to be so obvious lool
  2. zammy cape is blood asf get zammy lads
  3. 2 easycleaned theres bank out of rune n mystik
  4. gj lads some some juicy addy lootations in there lool
  5. trying to take me glory from my drop niga hahahahah
  6. sounds good but im really to lazy to vote looool
  7. dfs and ags?!?! now i have seen it aLL OYEA GOTA remember ur name so i know to avoid raiding with u alsos, lool jokes *shifty eyes*
  8. haha yeah yeah, i see my name in nearly all them pivs except 2
  9. gg people, juz need to spam more ac -pile
  10. good to see ya'll still dominating
  11. bank was made
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