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  1. Didnt have time for bond HnS but looted 1.2m, thanks casper
  2. RNG continues! 12 kc 2 hp clutch
  3. 9 kc? RNGchilis strikes again!! GG!!
  4. What the hell did this guy do there with bracelet and green partyhat? GG
  5. Casper/dinner" pokes you: go post on the topic achilis
  6. Suh dude! ~1-1,5 hour at revs .. almost teled out from pkers when i saw the chat!
  7. If they remove lavas for seasonal pretty sure they will remove revs aswell =/
  8. My goal is to get a twisted bow till xmas! Daily 200 zulrah kill is so boring but worth it.. (EZ mage max inc) Finally, after 741 kc my first hilt drop.. (no acb, just 2 sara sword and 2 light) ..
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