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  1. With several clans not wanting to step above the 30 line, AC rolled to the deep wilderness to look for some action. Callisto was initially clear, so we moved up to castle. Not much action was found at castle either, so we moved to GDZ, in hopes of finding another clan doing the same. Eventually a classic VR member was found (wearing black d'hide without a shield), and he was slaughtered instantly. A few more VR members logged in, but were 1 bangs. VR was almost entirely cleared at this point, but thankfully SV logged in to give us some real action. We fought SV around GDZ, while a few ot
  2. Welcoming the clan world to the new year, AC rolled out to the Wilderness to clear any clan we came across. The trip started at Callisto, where AC killed several small teams. While at the bear, our scout found DR at castle, prompting the AC shooters to run through new gate and clear them in seconds (they were not seen for the rest of the night). After clearing a few more teams from castle, AC moved down to Vetion, where we bumped into Venezuela. The fight was back and forth across Vetion gap, boneyard, and towards the southern trees. Eventually the Venezuelans ran south and regrouped outs
  3. AC started the trip today at Glory Hill, clearing any team we bumped across. Eventually there was a VR rat trying to bait us north, but when a snakeskin warrior appears, it can't be any other clan than VR. Prepared for them to log in, we rushed behind their loggin spot, barraging them as they appeared. VR then pushed to singles and AC followed. There were many attempts from VR to spear our member into multi, but each time their spearer was frozen and speared in themselves. With the majority of VR broken and lacking the motivation to return, AC left and went to castle to find more loot. A
  4. easiest smites in game, who needs rev caves
  5. Yo the was a fun af fight, thanks for the action VNG, and wtf happened to VR XD
  6. With both DR and VR losing members each day, the two clans have been forced to ally for any chance of competing. AC massed up for our nightly pk trip, where we bumped into DuckDuckGo and his team at Callisto. They were brave and continued their pk trip after the first clear, which I do give them credit for. Two more times during the first hour of our trip we found them, and cleared them each time. After the 3rd fight Duck's team moved to Vetion, so we gave them space and moved to spider. Shortly after this move, we got word that DR once again tried to enter the wilderness. AC moved to
  7. AC's GMT unit teled up to the wilderness, following last nights scrap with DR. After finding just small man teams and pvmers at Spider, we made our way to Vetion in search of something more exciting. Shortly after hopping at Vetion, we found several teams, who were quickly cleared. Unsure of who they were, AC teled back to Edgeville with the loot, and complemented the team on their attempt. Continuing our adventures at Vetion, we found many more teams, giving us great action for the next 2 hours. Once Vetion was wiped of clans, we made our way up to castle and bear, where we bumped into m
  8. AC rolled up to 50 ports after getting word from our spy that DR was trying to get a pk trip going. Determined to close a CT remake, AC pulled up and ended them shortly. All returners were killed before stepping off the port. After clearing DR, a clan incapable of fighting a 1v1, they called VR to hold their hand. VR rushed from the north, putting them in an easy barrage clump, and since VR only rune crossbows and Elder mauls, they were cleared within seconds. AC took the win on that fight and re-setup for a deep pk trip. Surprisingly, after we moved up to bear, we got word that DR was t
  9. Was a fuckin easy clap, great job everyone!
  10. AC shooters pulled up to the wilderness again, clearing every team in sight. Starting from castle, multiple teams were clapped for +1's and forced to stop returning. Callisto was essentially deserted, but none the less everything we found perished. Vetion was the star of tonight's trip, feeding us countless failed teams for loot. The GP rolled in for hours until we finally called the trip in the early hours of the morning.
  11. jesus christ carbon, only person in AC to have my sets beat u animal
  12. Love this time of year, AC gets gifts from all the unfortunate fools entering the wild XD
  13. When singles teams think they can handle multi lmao
  14. AC moved out for another late night trip at Callisto, where we bumped into DR. After clearing them they were no where to be seen. Moments later we got word they had hopped worlds in an attempt to mass up Glory Hill. Quickly the AC shooters logged in and rushed their returners coming from GDZ, and then towards their mass at Glory Hill. A few returns later and they had pushed south into singles, being hunted down until they either teled or were given a free ride to Lumbridge from our singles brids.
  15. With the holidays around the corner, AC rolled out into the wilderness hunting the eager to learn pkers off for Thanksgiving. AC turned up to every location, dominating teams from Castle and Bear, all the way down to Spider and Vetion. Each location had its worlds wiped clean. Towards the end of the night, a wannabe singles team got over confident and tried to come multi, only to instantly be gunned down by the AC shooters.
  16. VR had a venny clan to help and they still had to take a fake ending at old gate l0000000000000000l. The fight was at annakharl VR, get ur shit together XDDD
  17. This Sunday AC headed out to punish VR but sadly they only lasted 30 minutes, maybe next time they will last longer. We had one job, humiliate them and that's exactly what happened today, within 15 minutes VR was reduced to xerican and suicide barraging. They like to convince their members that they had any impact, but even their own members know what happened. Reduced to rag then forced to leave the fight completely. We were the last clan standing today, I wanna give a shoutout to the members in AC that attended today.
  18. AC began the Sunday trip with a planned fight with CS. Unfortunately CS called off their trip, so we looked for an easy clear. Shortly after AC stumbled across a broken VR roaming the wild, unsure if they wanted to fight or run. AC rushed, catching clumps all the way from the south to the north side of their clan. With the first wave of VR cleared, we moved back to GDZ to hit their returns. Unable to return by themselves, VR called on PD for assistance, but this meant nothing to AC. We continued to fight for the better part of an hour, ensuring the dying clan couldn't secure a single vic
  19. AC prepped for the usual Sunday war against PD, but unfortunately they had to push the fight back a half hour. Determined to find action in the mean time, AC teled to deep wild in search of some action. Shortly after, VR teled deep wild as well, looking for our fight. PD wasn't ready yet, so AC switch the attention to VR. VR logged in Glory Hill, and the fight was on. For the next 55 minutes the fight moved between west GDZ and New Gate, with clumps wiping teams regularly. Both teams swiftly returned the entire time, showing strong wills. Eventually PD finished their fight, and decided
  20. AC's Thursday pure trip started off at all the pure hotspots, CA, Vennenatis, Vetion, and finally up to castle. After 2 hours of pure/main pking we moved up to GDZ looking for a scrap. Eventually we bumped into UNK who had some decent risk. The fighting continued for more than half an hour, migrating between Glory hill and New gate. Some time after a med team logged in and joined the cluster. At this point UNK has enough and began returning in crystal bows. Holding our ground against the rag, we killed them on login at GDZ until they caved and ended. AC takes another victory over UNK.
  21. AC prepped for our usual Sunday trip, looking for a fight. With VR now closed (RIP), it can be difficult to find emotional victims to clear now, so we had to look elsewhere. UNK needed some action, so we set up a 45 minute prep with them. Immediately we chased UNK and VR from GDZ all the way into Lava Dragons, where they were cleared attempting to jump the hop. After that we weren't satisfied with the short battle, so we let them regroup and tele up to GDZ. AAron Samuel was victimized so horribly he changed his name mid fight to alleviate some of the pressure. The fight went back and for
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