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Found 6 results

  1. Elder maul drop bright and early this morning. 4 man/1 lady split. 1.9m added to the pot thanks to Da Best G's death.
  2. Mmm glad I did take a break haha, will post keys when done waiting it out.
  3. What's up AC Has anyone done any bossing lately, and if so, what boss? I'm most curious about GWD, would be crazy to have godswords in the game.
  4. So trying to hunt down b0aty we massed up a few kids looking for some joke action After clearing a few randoms we found in pk gear we came across a kid training in full bands/ss so we did the ol switcherooo on him and whalah 2m splits for 9 people! Well done lads. #Mooo0o0o0o0o0o0o0oo0oo
  5. hello everyone! since a nightmare zone is a loved mini-game, and no one really knows what is the best to buy in the shop as reward, i decided to calculate the prices of all the items and looked at the current market value of it and make a list of it! so here is a list with the gp u get per NMZ point and the current market value of that item: NMZp = NightMareZone Point compost potion = 6500 ea, 1,3 gp / NMZp dragon scale dust = 650 ea, 0,87 gp / NMZp red spiders'eggs = 245 ea, 0,82 gp / NMZp snape grass = 135 ea, 0,77 gp / NMZp rune essence = 45 ea, 0,75 gp / NMZp flax = 55 ea, 0,73 gp / NMZp bucket of sand = 145 ea, 0,73 gp / NMZp seawead = 140 ea, 0,7 gp / NMZp pure rune essence = 45 ea, 0,64 gp / NMZp potato cactus = 800 ea, 0,64 gp / NMZp air rune = 10 ea, 0,4 gp / NMZp earth rune = 10 ea, 0,4 gp / NMZp water rune = 9 ea, 0,36 gp / NMZp fire rune = 8 ea, 0,32 gp / NMZp vial of water = 8 ea, 0,05 gp / NMZp herb box = N/A scroll of redirection = N/A KEEP IN MIND THAT NOT ALL ITEMS WILL SELL INSTANTLY! CHECK FOR BUYERS! I hope that i have informed you enough and that you can make up your mind about what you are going to buy happy grinding everyone!
  6. Every now and then I get into the barrow mood and do it with some low lvl friends. 11 chests on June 20th 17 chests on June 21st 15 chests TODAY AND....the best part..my first death... dharoks 54 hit to 36 hit...prolooter 3 items in 43 chests decent SHOUTOUT to that lvl 86 that didnt loot my stuff
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