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Found 1 result

  1. Wanted to share some tips and tricks for any newcomers to deadman, as well as anyone who simply doesn't know where to begin. These guides are pretty simple, not a lot of questing, and easy to follow. Before I begin, I wanted to go over the following important changes for this season, as well as what is and isn't in the game. See here for a complete list of all changes. The following quests will be automatically completed: Animal Magnetism, Death Plateau, Dragon Slayer, Heroes' Quest, The Lost Tribe, Monkey Madness, and the first stage of Recipe for Disaster. Ancient Weapons and Armor will be introduced into the game via drops for ALL wilderness bosses, obviously the higher the combat level, the greater your chance of receiving one as a drop. You will remember these items as Vesta's, Zuriel's, Statius, and Morrigan's from RS3. Tier 5 Emblems can be dropped by any monster over 100 combat, these can be exchanged for 1.5m Bounty Hunter Points, allowing you to buy an array of gear (Rune Armor, Dragon Scim, Looting Bags, Mystics, etc.) For those new to Deadman this season, there is a daily XP Cap. It works as follows: 750k XP averaged between Attack/Strength i.e. 500k strength and 250k Attack, 375k Attack and 375k strength, etc. OR 500k between Ranged and Defense OR 750k in magic. Prayer and Hitpoints do not count towards your cap. There are plenty of variants and different builds you can choose, I'll go over what I think can be some of the best below. Day 1 (Mage/Range Hybrid) -60 Magic -30 Defense -61 Range - Magic Shortbow - Rune Crossbow/Adamant Crossbow - God Cape/Staff of choice - Ava’s Accumulator - Climbing Boots Spawn in Varrock Get 10k from security stronghold, buy range armor/bone crossbow and bolts Home Teleport to Lumbridge, collect starter pack from Combat Tutors in Lumby Train on Cows using Starter Bow until 30 range or so. After this collect Anti-Fire shield from Duke in Lumby Castle, Ava's Attractor from Draynor Manor) Head to green dragons in wilderness, continue using starter bow until out of charges, then switch to Bone Crossbow. Continue this, collecting hides and burying bones, until level 61 ranged (302,288xp). Begin training Magic using starter staff, as well as buying Minds/Airs/Fire Staff. Magic isn't super great on Green Dragons, so I would suggest switching to Blues, as our crafter will probably be close to Blue leather by now. You will be capped out with 61 range, 60 magic and roughly 30 defense (Be sure not to train more defense than that or you won't be able to get 61 range/60 mage.) Once capped, you are now free to continue doing wilderness slayer for potential drops, and also go and complete your magic cape and god staff at Mage Arena. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Day 1 (Melee/Ranged) - 60 Attack - 60 Strength - 40 Defense -50 Range - Dragon Scimitar - Adamant Crossbow - Dragon Dagger - Ava's Accumulator - Climbing Boots Spawn in Varrock Get 10k from security stronghold, buy Adamant Sword, bone crossbow. Home Teleport to Lumbridge, collect starter pack from Combat Tutors in Lumby Train on Cows using Starter Sword until 30/30/30 or so, as well as 30 ranged. After this collect Anti-fire Shield from Duke in Lumbridge/Ava's Attractor from Draynor Manor. Continue training on Big Frogs/Rats in Lumbridge Swamp to 59 attack/59 strength (260k xp in both) Head to Green Dragons and begin killing with Ranged until 50 Ranged, as well as 40 Defense, you'll now be capped. Complete Waterfall quest to finish off 60 attack and 60 strength. I feel this is one of the better builds to have on Day 1 for Multi-PKing, as you'll have overpowered DDS specs, as well as an adamant crossbow with emerald bolt (e)'s to poison. *Full Disclaimer, these are just merely suggestions, there are TONS of different routes to take in order to make money/train efficiently. However, with 12 seasons worth of experience, I'm a good resource to reference and am open to questions you guys may have regarding the season.
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