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  1. That was an enjoyable fight, thanks for the action Apex
  2. Lack of competition today but tons of free loot all throughout the wild, step it up fellow clans!
  3. It was a nice change up this Deadman, can't wait for the next one. #AC
  4. AC home will be the assigned crafter
  5. Deadman: Reborn The year is 2015. You’re frantically checking the Old School website to see if the game update has gone live. At your side is a stockpile of supplies to see you through the next few hours. Your friends start spamming you – *ping* *ping* *ping* "the game is being updated!" You log in and spawn into Lumbridge. It’s frantic; players everywhere. You rush past the piles of bones and towards Barbarian Village, entering the Stronghold of Security. You're nervous, of course, but as you keep telling yourself, "this 10k is going to be a game changer..." A moment we’re sure many of you can remember! For those of you that missed out, don't worry, because now's your chance to experience it. Yep, Deadman is back! However, we’ve made drastic changes since this punishing PvP mode was last around, and this time it will offer an experience like nothing else in Old School. But before we go into detail about the new-look Deadman, let’s start with the basics... What is Deadman? Deadman is an intense PvP (player-vs-player) survival game mode for Old School RuneScape, with high risks and serious rewards. It’s not for the faint-hearted – it's frenetic, frustrating and thrilling in equal measure. Your wits and prowess will be put to the test, and the winner can quite rightly declare themselves the best of the best. All you need to take part (apart from nerves of steel) is an existing account with an active Membership. Much like with Leagues, each player starts their journey from scratch on a dedicated individual world, opening on Tutorial Island. From there you can chat to Skippy and he’ll offer you a choice of starting locations. As soon as you’re ready, you can jump straight into the action! Speaking of action, with a few exceptions, PvP Combat is enabled everywhere (more on this later), so make sure you’re fully prepared for each adventure before you set out. Trust us - it’s merciless out there. While progressing in Deadman worlds, you’ll benefit from a few perks, including: Greatly accelerated XP rates Certain quests automatically complete upon reaching various milestones Item drop-rate modifiers Access to unique drop tables and items not available in the main game Improved shop restock rates Sigils (think Relics from Leagues but tailored specific to Deadman... we’ll come back to this) If you make major progress during the season, you may even qualify for the Deadman: Reborn Finale – a brutal last stand where the top players hurtle into battle against one another, smashing each other to bits until a victor is crowned in the name of glory... oh, and a $32,000 prize pool! Deadman: Reborn - Deep Dive We’re calling this new version Deadman: Reborn. Hell yeah. But what makes it different from its predecessor? Let’s delve into specifics. Safe Zones In these areas, which are scattered throughout the game, PvP Combat is disabled, meaning players cannot attack each other or be attacked. You can take the pressure off at these locations: Barbarian Assault (inside the minigame only) Catherby (Bank area only) East Ardougne Falador Jatizso (town area only) Lumbridge Neitiznot (town area only) Port Phasmatys Rellekka Seers' Village (Bank area only) Sophanem Tree Gnome Stronghold Tutorial Island Varrock Void Knights' Outpost Now we know what you’re thinking – a skulled player could jump into one of these safe zones to try and lose their skull timer. In fact, if you’re skulled upon entering a safe-zone, a Deadman guard will appear and attack with Ranged every game cycle, starting at 1/5th of your max hit points, increasing by 2 damage with each attack. So, no, we don’t recommend using safe zones as an escape! If you encounter the guard, exiting the safe zone will de-spawn ‘em. Skulling, Bank Keys & Safe Deposit Boxes Part of the thrill of Deadman mode is the rush you get from defeating another player and obtaining their Bank Key, then trying to survive until your skull expires and dashing into a safe zone to claim your spoils. The interface that appears when opening a Bank Key. In Deadman: Reborn, attacking another player will give you a PK skull for five minutes. Should you be successful in taking down your opponent, you will receive their Bank Key alongside any unprotected items they were carrying at the time, and be granted one minute of immunity from other players. This is your chance to loot and make a break for safety! Note: If you die or attack another player within this minute then you will lose any remaining immunity you had. The immunity period will also be lost upon logging out. The Bank Key is a clever little item – you can use it to unlock chests in safe zones which contain the top 10 most valuable items from your opponent’s Bank. If you have taken your opponent’s last life (explained further below), you will be rewarded with their 28 most valuable items, even if some of those items were in their safety deposit box! Now remember, hotshot – it’s only possible to have five Bank Keys at any given time. Should you wish to continue fighting with five keys, any items that would have been included within a key will instead drop to the ground. Note: It is not possible to claim loot from a Bank Key while skulled. You are able to protect up to 10 of your favourite items by talking to Financial Wizards found within Banks in safe zones, who can secure 10 items in a secure Safe Deposit Box. You will not lose these items if killed... unless you lose your last life. Should the worst happen, you’ll lose the contents of your Bank and deposit box! You can only place single items within the Safe Deposit Box, and not stacks of items (for example, 10 Rune arrows will count as 10 items). Three Life System One of the biggest changes to Deadman: Reborn is the three life system. This new approach should amplify the nail-biting survival aspect to bottom-clenching new heights. Here’s how it works: Each player starts their Deadman adventure with three lives. Upon dying through any means (not just PvP violence), you lose a life. A non-PvP death is exactly the same as in the main game – a gravestone appears at the place you perished and you have to reclaim your items. In a PvP death, you will keep your three protected items (four with the Prayer effect Protect Item). The rest of the items you had equipped will go to the player who defeated you, alongside a Bank Key containing the top 10 most valuable items from your Bank. Should you lose your final life in PvP, the contents of your safety deposit box, plus the remaining most valuable banked items (up to a total of 28) will instead go to the PKer. Treat those lives carefully! There is no XP loss on death until your last life has been lost. Losing your last life has consequences, so stay alert when leaving safe zones! If your last life is lost: You respawn with a fresh supply of lives. All attuned and unattuned relics are lost (see below). You are presented with a new Tier 2 Sigil to choose from (see below). Combat XP is fully reset. All items within your Bank and safety deposit box are wiped. 10% of all Skilling experience is lost. Quest progress is not reset (whatever quests you complete during the Season will stay done, permanently)! Combat Level Worlds Another drastic change with Deadman: Reborn is the introduction of Combat Level Worlds. As the name suggests, they can only be accessed by players of a certain level, ensuring that you’ll always be faced against players with similar battle prowess - no more stompings at the hands of XP behemoths! Want to stay as safe as possible while completing a particularly risky quest? Utilise the Combat Level restrictions to ensure you’re the highest level allowed on the world. Be warned though - if it’s anything like PvP in the rest of RuneScape, crafty players will be scheming ways to create the most powerful builds possible within any given Combat tier! The following Combat Level Bracket Worlds will be available: Level 3-35 Level 36-70 Level 71-100 Level 101-126 Having too high or low of a Combat level will prevent you from joining a world - you will only be able to play on a world you have the correct Combat level for. This means you’ll need to be smart about trading with other players – while the Grand Exchange will be shared across all worlds, you won’t be able to trade with other players unless they’re able to log into the same Combat Level Bracket World as you. We can’t wait to see the strategies that unfold with these restrictions in play! Combat Rule Changes In previous Deadman modes, players could remain relatively safe by attacking NPCs in single-way Combat, with little fear of being attack by someone else. As a result, boxing NPCs became an easy escape. This time, the rules will be a little different. We’ll be introducing Single-Plus Combat throughout the world, replacing any areas that are currently Single-Way Combat. The result is that PvP will always take priority, so if a player is in a fight with a monster, they can still be attacked by another player. Here's an example of how a typical scenario might work with the Singles-Plus mechanic: Player A is attacking an NPC. Player B comes along and attempts to attack Player A. With singles-plus in effect, the NPC loses interest in Player A. After all, who doesn’t love living in constant fear? Are you grinding your teeth with dread already? Good. That’s the game. To give you a fighting chance, a PJ timer of 16 game cycles (that's 9.6 seconds) will be running on all Deadman worlds, affording you a grace period where you cannot be attacked by another player while fresh from an encounter. Anti-boxing measures will prevent players abusing this feature, and boxing will be against the rules in Deadman: Reborn. This means that Player A can now attack Player B. If Players A and B stop fighting each other, then other players could then attack Player A instead... but because of the PJ Timer, they would need to wait 16 game cycles before they were able to do so. Alongside the introduction of Single-Plus Combat, we’ll be changing certain areas of the world that are currently Multi-Way Combat to Single-Plus Combat. This is to shift the scales in favour of solo players, who would otherwise struggle to complete content that was locked down by marauding Clans. The areas changing from Multi-Way to Single-Plus Combat are: Lunar Isle Bandit Camp Shadow Dungeon Barbarian Village White Wolf Mountain This list may change based on player feedback before and during the Deadman season. One more Combat change: special spear attacks will no longer push players from a Single-Plus to Multi-Way Combat zone. While this has provided some amusing moments for many a Clan member, we'd like the decision to enter a Multi-Way Combat zone to lay with the individual, rather than being dictated by a posse of spears! XP Multiplier For this season of Deadman: Reborn we want to ensure that players can quickly level up an account ready for the final day of the tournament - especially since there is a high possibility you'll lose your last life near the end of the season, fully resetting your Combat experience. Plus, some of you might simply start the season late. Either way, we want everyone to have a decent chance of becoming a Season Champion. We're going to increase the XP rates of all skills by 10x, including any reward XP you would normally receive from quests and/or XP Lamps. This increase applies throughout Gielinor. Combat XP will increase even further based on which Combat Level World you are playing in: Level 3-35 = 10x Combat Experience Level 36-70 = 15x Combat Experience Level 71-100 = 20x Combat Experience Level 101-126 = 25x Combat Experience Quest & Automatic Unlocks In previous Deadman modes, we unlocked various quests to help speed up player progression. This time our approach is slightly different. Instead of unlocking a bunch of quests on your first log-in, we’ll be tying unlocks into the Combat Level Worlds. By reaching the next tier of world, you’ll automatically unlock certain quests that are relevant to your level of progression. The following automatic unlocks will apply. Upon starting a new account at Level 3: Ernest the Chicken Goblin Diplomacy Rune Mysteries Shield of Aarav Recipe for Disaster Part 1 Druidic Ritual and Level 3 Herblore Upon reaching Level 36-70 worlds: Tree Gnome Village Priest in Peril Animal Magnetism Increase the access of the Culinaromancer's chest to Adamant Gloves 100% Zeah favour The ‘Bigger and Badder’ Slayer perk Upon reaching Level 71-100 worlds: Lost City Merlin's Crystal Dragon Slayer Heroes' Quest Increase the access of the Culinaromancer's chest to Dragon Gloves Upon reaching Level 101-126 worlds: Increase the access of the Culinaromancer's chest to Barrows Gloves Note: Quests that are automatically completed will not give you the usual rewards. Want to complete a quest that isn’t on the list or to obtain its goodies? Go ahead! Quests can still be manually completed outside of this unlock system at any time. Drop-rate Modifier Playing Deadman: Reborn shouldn’t feel like a chore. Since this is a seasonal game-mode where players are trying to obtain the best gear ASAP, spending hours upon hours grinding for a particular item that will eventually get lost once the Deadman servers close doesn’t sound like a huge amount of fun. So, we’ll be increasing the drop-rates of certain items by 3x their normal rate. Here are the items we’re looking to include at the moment: All Chambers of Xeric uniques Tomes of Fire/Burnt Pages Unsired from Abyssal Sire All Visages All God Wars Dungeon uniques All Nightmare uniques All Theatre of Blood uniques All Dagannoth Kings uniques All Wilderness Boss Rings Dragon Pickaxe Odium/Malediction Shards All Revenant uniques All Barrows uniques All Gauntlet uniques All Clue uniques All Corporeal Beast Sigils All Cerberus Crystals (including the Smouldering Stone from Hellhounds too) All Zulrah uniques Dragon Limbs Dragonbone Necklace Dark Bow Basilisk Jaw Demonic/Tortured Gorilla uniques Grotesque Guardian uniques Kraken uniques Abyssal Demon uniques Leaf Bladed Sword and Lead-Bladed Axe Occult Necklace and Smoke Battlestaff All Superior Slayer creature uniques Are there any other items you feel should have increased drop rates? Let us know in the threads linked at the end of this post! In addition to the modified drop-rates, we've made some additional changes to help increase the amount of resources entering the game. They are as follows: In addition to the normal loot offered by killing them, Callisto, Venenatis, Vet'ion and the Chaos Elemental also have a 1 in 3 chance of dropping a single 4-dose Saradomin brew. In addition to the normal loot offered by killing them, Scorpia, Crazy Archaeologist and the Chaos Fanatic also have a 1 in 5 chance of dropping a single 4-dose Saradomin brew. Dragons now drop double the amount of bones. Tuna, Lobster, Swordfish, Shark, Karambwan, Dark crab, and Anglerfish fishing spots will yield 3x the amount of fish resources. All random unnoted herb drops from NPCs are now doubled. The Giant mole will now drop double the amount of Claws and Hides. In Barrows there is a chance to obtain potions and potion ingredients. For potions, there is a 1/2 chance of gaining a stack of 3 (4)-dose potions when you would roll on the Barrows armour table. You will receive either Saradomin brews, Super restores, Ranging potions, or Super combat potions. There is a small chance of obtaining potion ingredients on the normal Barrows table. Note, due to limitations of the Barrows interface it's possible that any items gained may instead appear in your inventory or on the floor. It is possible to receive the following: Crushed nests, Red spiders' eggs, Wine of Zamorak, Limpwurt roots, White berries, or Grimy torstol Deadman-Only Drop Table On top of those lovely increased drop rates, we’ll also be implementing a Deadman-only drop table to all NPCs! This means you could snag some extra loot from anything you defeat within Gielinor. This drop table includes the powerful Ancient Warrior’s equipment, Sigils (explained further below), and resources such as food, potions, Herblore supplies and Emblems. Want to secure the best possible chance of rolling on the Deadman drop table? The odds all depend according to the Combat level of the NPC you’re fighting! Additionally, bosses generally have an increased chance – and with Superior Slayer creatures, it’s guaranteed. Note: The Ancient Warrior's equipment can be obtained by killing any NPCs, but creatures within the Wilderness have the highest chance at dropping them. Restricted Content If you’re a veteran Deadman player, you’ll recall that certain pieces of content were previously unavailable. These restrictions were typically put in place to protect the player experience or to prevent certain metas during the Deadman Finale. This time, we’re removing all previous restrictions aside from the following: Duel Arena, Castle Wars, Trouble Brewing, Fight Pits, Rat Pits, Pest Control and Last Man Standing are all inaccessible. The Nature Rune Chest in East Ardougne is inaccessible. Count Check will not be able to teleport players to the Stronghold of Security. Anything not listed above will be available, including within the finale, so make sure you strategise with this in mind! Miscellanous Content Changes Since the first Deadman event in 2015, multiple changes have been that aimed to help improve the player experience. We've taken inspiration from past events, and can confirm that in Deadman: Reborn, the following changes will be present: All rune and arrow shops restock at a much faster rate. Fletching & Crafting supply stores will also restock at a faster rate. Lower tier equipment will restock faster than higher tier equipment, for example: an air rune will restock faster than a death rune. Pyramid tops, found atop the Agility Pyramid, will turn to cash upon death. Dying with, or dropping, a stack of Chinchompas will cause it to appear on the ground, visible to all players. Changes remain in place to prevent door spamming. We received reports that specific areas were still troubled by issues of door spamming. All Zeah House favour is set to 100%. The Architectural Alliance miniquest is also completed, meaning favour is locked. Turael will not assign Kalphite tasks. POH pools are unavailable for 3 minutes after combat. Teleblock will now last for 150 seconds, or for 75 seconds with Protect from Magic active. A safety deposit box can be found in both banks within the Grand Tree. Sigils Now, let’s talk about Sigils, the BIGGEST change to Deadman: Reborn by far! Much like Relics from Leagues, Sigils are an additional layer of powerful buffs that’ll enhance your gameplay beyond anything that mere equipment or skill levels can provide. Unlike Relics however, Sigils are not a permanent choice. You’ll have the flexibility to swap out and change your Sigils to complement whatever task working on, so long as you’re in a safe zone and not skulled. Simply attune to your chosen Sigil (causing it to become untradeable) and you’ll benefit from its unique properties! When you’re ready to swap Sigils, un-attune from the Sigil and it will become tradeable once more. There are three tiers, each providing more powerful buffs than the last. The higher tiers of Sigils will only be available on higher Combat Level Worlds. A WIP image of the Sigils interface and a sneak peek at some of the benefits they provide! When logging into a Deadman: Reborn world for the first time, or after losing your last life you’ll be presented with a selection of Tier 2 Sigils. While the Sigils on offer are the same each time, you’ll be able to pick one to kick-start your journey into the wild, increasing your overall power level and offering a little variety each time you start over. Additional Sigils can be obtained as drops from NPCs. They can also be bought from or sold to other players, although you’ll only be able to do this at the Grand Exchange. It will be possible to have up to three Sigils active at any one time, but only two can be Combat-related. Upon losing a life that is not your last, any attuned Sigils will remain safe and in your possession, but un-attuned Sigils in your inventory will be deleted. Losing your final life means all Sigils, attuned or not, will be lost forever. Finale & Qualification Last but certainly not least, we’re going to look at what you can expect from the hair-raising Deadman Finale – and how to qualify. Firstly, here's how to secure your spot: The Deadman: Reborn Season will last for one month. There will be no separate Tournament event. Your account used within the Deadman: Reborn Season will be the same account used in the Deadman: Reborn Finale. We’ve removed the Multi-way Combat final hour entirely. Instead, the top 2,048 ranked players will be entered into 1v1 fights. This will be based on Total Levels/HiScore ranking. These 2,048 players will have access to four worlds, each restricted to a maximum of 512 players. These worlds will be split across various regions - it's likely there will be an NA West, NA East and two EU worlds. Each world will operate on a first-come, first-served basis. Once a world has a total of 512 players, it will not be possible for additional players to join. These players will battle it out in a 1v1 setting until a total of 1,024 players remain. The remaining 1,024 players will then battle it out in a second round of 1v1’s until a total of 512 players remain. The remaining 512 players will be granted access to the final 1v1 world. The latest arena design for Deadman: Reborn. Once we reach the final 512 players, we’ll allow them to battle it out in our standard 1v1 format: Round of 512 Round of 256 Round of 128 Round of 64 Round of 32 Round of 16 Quarterfinals Semifinals Finals Deadman: Reborn victor is crowned! The Deadman: Reborn Finale arena... featuring support from the local Lizardman community. Aside from the glory of being crowned as the Deadman: Reborn winner, there is a generous $32,000 prize pool available and yearly Memberships up for grabs! 1st place = $20,000 2nd place = $10,000 3rd & 4th place = $1,000 each 5th-16th place = 12 Months of Membership each Rules & Additional Info All existing RuneScape rules apply during the Deadman Finale. Anyone who has been caught cheating in any Jagex event may be suspended from all future Jagex events. Jagex staff will review cases and players. Players found to be abusing game mechanics to gain an advantage in a way considered by the Jagex staff to be unsporting will be removed from Deadman: Reborn immediately. Using Combat with an allied player during Deadman: Reborn is regarded as using a game mechanic to gain an unfair advantage. During the Season it will be met with a three day ban and in the Finale will be met with disqualification. The act of muling during the Season is prohibited, and is a bannable offence. In addition to the above, the following rules also apply to Deadman: Reborn: During the 1v1 stage, should a player experience connectivity issues and log out before a fight begins, that player has only until the fight begins to log back in. During the 1v1 stage, should credible evidence emerge to suggest that an account is maliciously targeting other players, we will take action against them. We will not, at any point or under any circumstances, restart the Finale. We will endeavour to announce the results of the Finale on the night of the event, but should more investigation be required, the results will be announced only after the Old School team has met and reviewed all evidence available to us. That's everything we have to say about Deadman: Reborn for now. We hope you're as excited for this version of Deadman as we are! We'd love to hear your feedback so please do let us know what you think via our official forums, on the 2007Scape Reddit, the Steam forums or the community-led OSRS Discord in the #gameupdate channel. Mods Arcane, Archie, Argo, Ash, Ayiza, Banjo, Boko, Bonsai, Brow, Bruno, Curse, Daizong, Deagle, Dibber, Ditto, Dylan, Ed, Elena, Errol, Fed, Flippy, Gecko, Grub, Halo, Husky, Jerv, Jndr, John C, Kandosii, Katies, Kieren, Kirby, Lenny, Light, Lottie, Mack, Maylea, Morty, Nasty, Nin, Oasis, Roq, Ry, Sarnie, Skylark, Squid, Steve W, Sween, Tide, Vegard, West, Wolfy & Zuko The Old School Team
  6. this was a really fun fight, good job everyone.
  7. make sure to contact me in DM prior to announcement with this intro
  8. Contents Complete walk-through to barrows gloves (starts at 57) 1.1 Early quests, wintertodt and ardy cloak 1 (71) 1.2 Thieving, fishing and mining (541) 1.3 Fairy rings, 43 prayer, kingdom, 99 thieving (630) 1.4 Various skilling, agility for graceful (886) 1.5 Diaries and finishing RFD (1046) Goals after Barrows gloves (1093) Includes Slayer block/skip lists PVM preparation, Barrows, Zulrah (1241) 1.Complete walk-through to barrows gloves Start as a female character, don't forget to make yourself an ironman before leaving tutorial island. female char is for recruitment drive quest This guide assumes that you always carry your cash stack, unless I say not to bring it. I will mention to bring gp regardless most of the time, but if I don't then keep it on you anyway Use every book and lamp on Herblore if possible. Use Authenticator AND 2-step verification on registered e-mail 1.1 Early quests, wintertodt and ardy cloak 1 Lumby Talk to Duke Horacio and Father Aereck to start quests Rune mysteries and Restless ghost Pick up every item spawn in the castle, including the ones in cellar, don't forget the cabbage Fill a jug with water Go to the top of the castle and light the logs until 15 Firemaking After that fletch the same logs into 1000 arrow shafts Pick up 4 ashes Pick up 1 log for later Take out 25gp from the bank Thieve men until 270gp, buy a steel axe (make sure the world is full stock, it should cost 200gp) HCIM, quickhop some cabbages in the cellar for hp, normals can just suicide for hp. Lumby swamp Kill a rat (safespot with ranged) for its meat Safespot: Take a spade from the swamp shed that takes you to Zanaris. Talk to Father Urhney to get the ghostspeak amulet, equip it Take the air talisman to wizard tower Pick up 2 cheese at Aggie in Draynor village Walk to rimmington, pick up 1 snape grass near crafting guild at the hobgoblins. Make sure you have ~10 run energy for this so you can just quickly grab one and get out. Walk to Falador Start The Knight's sword quest by talking to the squire Minigame tele to Clan wars Pick up 2 iron bars just northwest of Ferox, Map: Inv: Steel axe, 70gp, Tinderbox, Jug of water, 1 normal log Recharge run energy using the pool of refreshment, then use the portal to teleport to Castle wars. Walk to yanille Check hunter store for ardy easy diary Buy a pie dish at Yanille cooking shop Walk to port Khazard Buy 1 swamp paste in the general store It's possible that the store is bought out and you can't afford it, try hopping a few times but if you can't get one then it's fine, you can get one later. Do Monk's friend Get 35 woodcutting at oak trees and firemake the logs as you cut them. 2 Oaks just south of ardy zoo Ardy Get 20 thieving with cake Bank 15 bread and ALL the cakes you get. Steal silk until 25 thieving Do Sheep herder, sell 6 cakes to the general store for the 100gp Take out GP and small fishing net Go buy swamp paste if you didn't manage to buy it earlier. Do Sea slug, fish shrimp while doing quest for diary After the quest, buy however many sardine you can fit in your inventory from the fish shop in Witchaven Sell your silk for 60gp each, keep 10 in bank for quests You should have 10k GP at this point Buy a Player-owned house. Buy 2 ropes, 5 vials, 30balls of wool and 7 papyrus from ardy general store Inv: rope, spade, gp, few cakes Dig up clue hunter gloves and boots north of Ardy, Buy greenman's ale from Rasolo Do Dwarf cannon until the part where you have to go to Ice mountain Pick up planks at BA until the log-in limit. If there happen to be no bots taking them, then you might not log out at all. Not sure how many you need in total but just get like 150 max for now. Try to get minimum of 100 planks unless there are literally no planks in any world. Do BA tutorial for minigame tele I think you can skip the tutorial nowadays but just make sure you have the teleport unlocked Start Barcrawl Do Waterfall quest until the part where you have to go to the gnome maze, remember to read the book Walk to Gnome stronghold Buy a drink from Blurberry for the Barcrawl miniquest. Buy these items from heckel funch(east of Blurberry); 1 pineapple, 1 orange, 2 lemons, 1 cocktail shaker, 1 cocktail glass 1 Dwellberries, 1 bucket of milk, 1 chocolate dust Buy 1000 bronze arrowheads(100/world for 1gp ea) The weapon shop is on 3rd floor south of the ladder Make the hangover cure for plague city quest Inv: Rope, dwellberries, hangover cure Walk to Ardy Do Plague city Home tele to lumby and run north to Varrock east bank Equip ghostspeak amulet if you've banked it at some point From sawmill buy 1 saw, 500 bronze nails and 400 steel nails. If steel nails aren't in stock then buy them later Minigame teleport to Clan wars, recharge energy and use the portal to Castle wars Take steel axe and a tinderbox Run south-west of castle wars Cut and firemake teak logs until 50 Firemaking Location Home tele, Lumby Talk to the ghost for Restless ghost quest Inv: Gp, bronze nails, hammer, saw, noted planks, 1k arrow shafts, 1k bronze arrowheads Leave 10 planks in the bank for questing. It doesn't really matter how many you were able to pick up earlier, our goal is just to get a few construction levels before wintertodt Buy a chronicle and 5 teleport cards from Diango Walk to port sarim Buy 1000 feathers Go to rimmington and use your planks, make chairs until level 4 and then bookcases until you run out of planks. Use phials to un-note planks Take the boat to Great Kourend Make your way to Wintertodt Fletch all 1k bronze arrows while you walk If you see wolves near wintertodt, you went the wrong way. Shouldn't get hit by anything on the way. Should now have 15 fletching and hopefully 15+ construction as well, this will increase the xp you get in these skills from wintertodt. Do Wintertodt until 60 Woodcutting, should get this at 89 firemaking if you don't fletch You really shouldn't be in any danger of dying with 10hp, but pay attention anyway, it's a long walk back if you die. 10HP accounts start taking 1 damage at 56FM even without warm clothing, but if you dug up the clue hunter boots and gloves earlier then you might as well use them. Keep opening the crates until you have 200k gp in bank, after that just keep them until later for better rewards. Ideally you should keep the crates until you run out of bank space, but if you don't get 12 mage logs from the initial crates, then you'll be opening them before Desert Treasure. Fletching the logs in my opinion isn't worth it but if you want to then go ahead. Personally I just fletch one when running from the roots to the brazier. If you want, feel free to get 99 firemaking in one go. Make sure to still keep the crates in the bank after 200k gp for better loot Inv: GP, few cakes, chronicle, bronze sword Home tele, Lumby Buy 3 buckets and 1 bucket pack from the general store Walk north to Fred's farm Get raw chicken at Fred's Pick up egg north of Fred Kill 1 cow calf for meat Fill 3 buckets with milk Dairy cow is north of the windmill Walk to Barbarian village (you can walk east of draynor manor by the river, don't walk around through falador or something like that) Get ammo mould and the notes for Dwarf cannon Use chronicle tele Varrock Start Gertrude's cat, pick up doogle leaves, use the leaves on a sardine Inv: bucket, barcrawl card, Rune mysteries package and GP Continue gertrude's cat, talk to the kids at Varrock centre. Talk to Romeo to start Romeo and Juliet quest Start Demon slayer, get the 2 keys in Varrock Talk to Reldo for the knight's sword quest Do Shield of Arrav on any visit to Varrock Buy gloves and pink skirt from clothes shop Buy a rotten tomato from the crate near the achievement diary guy Get a drink for barcrawl at the bar south of Varrock fountain Buy 4 beers from the same bar Do museum for 9 Hunter and Slayer Give the package to Aubury, talk to him again for the notes Buy 100 fire runes, 300 earth and water, 4000 mind, 8000 airs Buy Fire staff Inv: GP, Barcrawl card, bucket of milk, seasoned sardine Walk to the pub north-east of Varrock Get a drink for the barcrawl Continue Gertrude's cat at lumberyard Varrock east bank, inv: Pickaxe, Chronicle Fill 1 inventory of buckets with water Pick cadava berries and 16 redberries (bush location: Mine 4 copper ore Chronicle tele Finish Gertrude's cat, keep raising cats with the sardine you bought Talk to juliet Varrock west, inv: GP, Runes, barcrawl card, cakes, equip fire staff Walk to Edgeville Start Abyss miniquest by talking to the zamorak mage in wilderness. Walk towards Falador Buy bronze med helm from Barbarian village Safespot barbarians in the bar for 13 magic You can skip getting 13 mage here if you know how to safespot the first 2 forms of witch's house boss Use the trees to safespot a bear for its meat south of mind altar Falador Get a drink from the Falador bar for Barcrawl Buy 5 wizard mind bombs from the bar Buy 8 woad leaves, offer 20gp to get 2 leaves Bank, inv: GP, Cheese, runes, all 4 meat for druidic ritual, 18 cakes. Equip gloves Taverly Do Witch's house Tank the first 2 phases on the north side of the shed and run to safespot when you need to eat It's possible to safespot the first 2, but with fire strike you are in no real danger of dying with cakes. Do Druidic ritual Buy 1 PACK of eyes of newt and pestle and mortar in Taverly Falador Inv: pickaxe, eye of newt, 2 iron bars, bucket of water, pie dish, redberries, some food Make redberry pie You can buy flour and redberries at port sarim food shop. From the food shop, buy 1 raw meat also and burn it (cook twice) Do Witch's potion quest Finish the Knight's sword quest Mine 2 blurites, 1 is for diary Home tele and go to al-kharid Buy 50 thread, 3 needles and all of the moulds from the crafting shop. Start prince ali rescue and talk to Osman Buy 1 inv of bronze bars for questing from shantay pass. Do the tourist trap Safespot for the captain Minigame tele to fish trawler Buy 10 buckets of slime Buy 10 flour from general store Buy buckets of sand and soda ash until you hit the log-in limit. You only need to buy around 1000 buckets of sand and 1000 soda ash, rest of crafting will be done with other methods I recommend buying these supplies when you're gonna go afk for more than 10mins, this way you can buy them again when u log in Mine 15 clay south of Khazard Inv: Fire strike, barcrawl card, cakes, axe Fire strike imps west of the tower of life for all 4 beads Do Fight arena Do Tree gnome village, get Glarial's pebble on the way for Waterfall Safespot the khazard warlord, either by using another account to block him or just by walking in and out of his aggro range. Use the spirit tree and go to battlefield of khazard. Run to ZMI bank and safespot the zamorak warrior until you get a rune scimitar Getting the scim is optional but it's not too rare and you're still getting mage xp. You can also buy a rune sword from champion's guild if you don't want to camp for the scimitar. Get a drink from Ardy bar for the barcrawl. Buy 4 compost pack from the Ardy farming shop. Train 42 magic at Moss giants near fishing guild. Bury the bones From this point on, use teleports if it saves time/run energy. I'm not going to write every teleport to this guide. Do Hazeel cult Get a drink for the barcrawl quest from brimhaven bar Do Tribal totem Buy some swordfish and karambwans from the food shop where you start the quest at for some of the more difficult quests. inv: No GP, glarial's pebble, notes for dwarf cannon and ammo mould, rope, 6 air/water/earth runes, cakes Finish dwarf cannon Drop runes outside glarial's tomb, get amulet and the urn Finish waterfall Minigame tele to fish trawler inv: GP, Hammer Charter to port sarim Go to zeah and get 15% hosidius favour, 100 compost and saltpetre Train 42 thieving at the fruit stall near farming patch, bank strange fruit and golovanova tops You can trap the dogs inside the building Use strange fruits for energy restoration, they won't last long but you can do a few quests with them Home tele, Lumby Do cook's assistant Start RFD and watch the cutscene to unlock the bank chest Buy 7 buckets of milk Inv: No gp, 20 Ball of wool, 8 cakes Do sheep shearer Pickpocket HAM members for a rusty sword If you get them, keep robes, opal and buttons Pick up 12 onion at Fred's farm Draynor Get the key imprint, wig and skin paste for Prince ali rescue Start Vampire slayer, get 3 garlic upstairs from the cupboard Make 4 red, 4 blue, 5 yellow dye You can just use the ingredient on Aggie to skip all of the dialogue. Buy birdhouse seeds from Olivia until you hit the log-in limit Buy 20 teleports for chronicle Wizard's tower Equip: fire staff, chronicle Inv: fire strikes, Rune mysteries notes, 4 beads, 20 bones(kill goblins south of the draynor jail) Finish Imp catcher Finish Rune mysteries Get the Ghost's skull Kill 5 chicken/wizards, give 25 bones for demon slayer key Chronicle tele Inv: GP, cadava berries and Juliet's letter(Item name is just 'message') Varrock Continue Romeo & Juliet, get cadava potion Buy iron chainbody from Horvik Continue Abyss miniquest, get scrying orb, visit ess mines Finish demon slayer Get the stake for vampire slayer from the blue moon inn Finish romeo and juliet Spirit tree to gnome stronghold Gnome stronghold Use Brimstails to go to ess mines (make sure you had the scrying orb still with you) Start Grand tree Inv: GP, Chronicle, Bark sample, translation notes, Barcrawl card, fire strike Clan wars minigame tele, recharge energy and go to castle wars Get a drink for barcrawl from Yanille pub Buy 2 bird snares, 2 butterfly jars and a butterfly net from the hunter shop Go to Hazelmere and continue the grand tree until you are at Karamja shipyard From Karamja shipyard, charter to Karamja, Musa point Get a drink for barcrawl from the bar south of the banana trees Port Sarim Get a drink from the port sarim bar for barcrawl Do Karamja and port sarim parts of the Pirate's treasure quest Chronicle tele Get pirate's message from Blue moon inn, you can drop it AFTER reading the message Spirit tree to Gnome stronghold Finish The Grand tree This should get you 43 mage, if you didn't get 43 then fire strike some gnome guards Buy a premade blurb' sp, 4 vodka, pineapple chunks Equip Gas mask Spirit tree to ardy Ardy Inv: GP, Scrying orb, pickaxe, fire strike, 1 wizard mind bomb, 1 law rune Start biohazard, bank the 3 pots and sample Visit ess mines, scrying orb 3/3 If you didn't bank any breads when getting 25 thieving then buy 15 now from the cake stall owner If you somehow didn't get any iron ore from wintertodt then mine 2 east of Ardy Use mind bomb and camelot tele Start Merlin's crystal and talk to Gawain and Lancelot Catherby Buy candle, 2 fishing rods, lobster pot Buy 15 pineapples from charters Put pineapples into the compost bin Buy 1 pack of normal compost and all farming tools, store everything in leprechaun Start Fishing contest Kill Mordred and get bat bones/black candle for Merlin's crystal Seers Inv: GP, barcrawl card, pot, spade, fishing rod, garlic Do Murder mystery Get a drink from Seers' bar for the barcrawl Finish Fishing contest Inv: 6 clay, 4 copper, 2 iron Taverly/Falador Go under the mountain and speak to Lady of the lake in Taverly Do Doric's quest Finish Pirate's Treasure Make 5 molten glass Do Black knight's fortress Do Recruitment drive Inv: GP, 4 Biohazard items, 1 bread Rimmington Do Rimmington part of Biohazard Buy a black wizards hat at port Sarim Port Sarim jewellery store, give the bread to the beggar to get the excalibur Deposit box the plague sample at Entrana monks Minigame tele to clan wars, recharge energy and go to castle wars inv: GP, 3 planks, bronze bar, molten glass, runes, some food, 10 empty slots for antipoisons Pick up super antipoison(1) until log in limit, decant them Do the Observatory quest HOME TELE, Lumby Finish The Restless ghost Start the Lost tribe Teleport to Varrock Varrock Continue Lost tribe until you need to go to the goblin village Buy priest robes(keep these after quest), boots, gloves Finish abyss miniquest Get the magic words for Merlin's crystal at the altar Continue Biohazard Do the Digsite quest Chronicle tele and start Dragon slayer at champion's guild Use the G.E spirit tree and go to battlefield of khazard Ardy Finish Biohazard Finish off Ardy easy tasks, and get the cape Use lamp on agility. Not worth holding on to it, we won't be 30herb for a long time still and 2.5k xp isn't that much anyway Trade cat for 200 death runes Karamja Do Jungle potion Do Shilo village HCIM; Buy a few karambwans and swordfish from brimhaven food store. Be careful in the last multicombat dungeon, it's probably the most dangerous area for a long time. Just eat as soon as you get hit and you're fine. inv: pickaxe, hammer, lit candle, excalibur, bat bones, black candle, tinderbox, knife, needle, thread, 4 coal Teleport to Camelot Finish Merlin's crystal Start Holy grail and talk to Merlin Get boots of lightness Do Elemental workshop 1 Buy 1 inv of stew from the Seers bar inv: Lost tribe brooch and book, blue/orange dyes Falador teleport Do Goblin diplomacy Continue Lost tribe Home tele, Lumby Finish Lost tribe Make 5 soft clay inv: gp, 5 silver ore Go through the gate to Al-Kharid 1.2 Thieving, fishing and mining Desert Start the Feud at Ali Morrisane From Ali Morrisane, buy the desert disguise for The Feud quest, and get 15 cooking with the raw chicken that he sells Smelt the 5 silver, make a sickle and unstrung holy symbol, keep 3 bars Give the key imprint and bronze bar to Osman for Prince ali rescue quest Do the Feud HCIM; if you're scared of going to mage bank, unlock the rune shop. Don't bother with the blackjack miniquest, all of them have the same chance to knock out so just use the willow blackjack Blackjack until 50 thieving, you can buy wines from the bar to use as food. IF you're planning on 3-tick fishing then home tele to lumby and pick up 15 swamp tar now. If you think you're gonna keep messing up and making the tar multiple times, it might be worth your time getting 23 hunter and using kebbit claws with leather vambs instead. 23 hunter should take just less than 1 hour. Ardy cloak tele and take the boat from Ardy to brimhaven Take the cart to Shilo Village Use the furnace to make molten glass until level 32 crafting Buy 25k feathers from shilo village fishing shop If you can't afford them then open some of your wintertodt crates Get 58 fishing with trout and salmon Bank the fish for cooking xp You can pretty easily grow cats while doing this fishing grind since you can just feed it the fish you fish. I recommend raising 10 cats for death runes in total, after that it's up to you if you can be bothered. Minigame tele to Burthrope games' room Cook all of your trout, don't cook salmon yet Minigame tele to Barb assault Get 50 agility from barb fishing, should be at 74 fishing. You can feed caviar and roe to kitten, bring a knife to cut the fish I honestly can't recommend any other way to train to 50 agi than fishing, it doesn't take that long and you'll need the fish levels eventually anyway. After 50 agility Minigame tele to Burthrope Do the rogue's den minigame for full rogue outfit. Guide by Lelador, Equip the set and go back to blackjacking until you have 2.5m GP (around 84 thieving) Carpet back to Shantay pass Inv: teleport runes, all the golem quest items If you got any cosmic runes from moss giants, or unlocked Ali's rune shop then make 1 or 2 dueling rings now to speed up next 2 quests. Start the Golem START ELEMENTAL WORKSHOP 2 BY READING THE BOOK WHILE AT DIGSITE, keep the 2 items in bank Finish The Golem, get the gems with chisel and hammer Do Shadow of the storm(should have priest gown and black wizard hat in bank as your black items) 10K REWARD ON RANGED ALWAYS Flinch the demon with rune scimitar, just switch to darklight for the last hit. If you didn't get r scim while training mage, go buy a rune sword from champions guild Make an attack potion for the fight, speeds it up slightly Use the west torch as your safespot, Go to Edgeville and talk to Oziach to continue Dragon slayer Go to mage bank and buy 6k nats, all of the cosmics you can get while buying nats and 10 law runes each world up to 300 laws This might take more than 1 trip. HCIM can buy them from ali morrisane if you don't wanna risk mage bank, although they're more expensive. Teleport to Falador Get 2 buckets of sap from this tree near falador east bank, Buy addy and rune picks from the pickaxe shop in the mines. Complete Varrock easy diary for the armour, makes next step a bit faster You can get the kudos requirement by talking to historian Minas on the 2nd floor use the museum lamps on herblore Still not 30 herb, use diary lamp on agility Mine 3000 iron ore at ardy monastery, superheat them while walking to Ardy bank and tele back with ardy cloak. 3 ticking makes this a lot faster if you can be bothered Do medium clues if you get them from mining, might get a yew bow from reward (Comp bow works too, it's for temple of ikov) There are plenty of ways to get your magic up, i just like this since you get mining, smithing and later fletching xp as well. Don't smith the bars into anything yet 1.3 Fairy rings, 43 prayer, kingdom, 99 thieving Varrock Smith 3 bronze wire Buy oak longbow Start Priest in peril If you didn't manage to buy 400 steel nails at the start, check sawmill now. Do priest in peril Start Rag and bone man on the way to the temple Do Nature spirit Buy 1 raw shark from Canifis food shop Do Creature of Fenkenstrain Use port Phasmatys furnace, you should have slime in bank, use it to get 5 ecto-tokens Inv: Tele runes, gp, rune scim Use Chronicle tele Go champion's guild and continue Dragon slayer, ask every question Buy a coif, green dhide chaps and vambs Kill the nearby ram, bear and unicorn for their bones (Rag and bone man quest) Camelot tele Camelot Kill a giant bat (Rag and bone man) south west of Catherby Do Elemental workshop 2 Lumby Inv: axe, rope, lit candle, hammer, stake(vampire slayer), spade Get anti-dragon shield from the duke Kill a goblin for the bone for rag and bone man Lumby swamp Get big frog leg(you need to go in to the caves), giant rat bone(both for rag and bone man) Start Lost city Go to Draynor manor Do Ernest the chicken, finish vampire slayer Dig up the skull for fairytale part 1 while you're in the area to save some time later Entrana Talk to the high priest for Holy grail Get at least 5 Dramen branches, make 2 staffs Finish Lost city Draynor Start Fairytale part 1. The quest guide on os.rs.wiki lists where to get the 3 random items. If you get nature tally req, go to abyss with inv of food and kill leeches. Make sure you trap them so only 1 attacks Flinch Tanglefoot in this spot: Finish Fairytale1 Talk to martin to start Fairytale2 Buy 35 jugs of vinegar Buy 1 marigold seed, 3 cabbage seeds, 3 onion seeds from Draynor seed market Rescue prince ali from the jail While you wait for Martin's crops for FT2 Tele to Lumby Start Evil Dave subquest for RFD If you don't have a cat then raise one now. Kill 2 cows and make 1 soft, 1 hard leather Smelt 1 inv of gold, should have from wintertodt if you didn't get any gold then go mine some from the alkharid mine Make 1 recoil ring, 10 games necks and the rest into dueling rings From this point just use clan wars tele as your energy recharge before teleporting to a new location Draynor Speak to Martin for Fairytale 2 Go unlock fairy rings at Zanaris Bring gp, Maze key, 90steel nails, 3 planks, hammer, food, runes Tele to POH and do Melzar's maze (Dragon slayer quest) Walk to port Sarim jail and telegrab 2nd map piece Buy and repair the ship (dragon slayer) Tele to Fally Falador Bring gp, runes, soft clay, wizard mind bomb, lobster pot, silk Equip your anti-dragon shield and recoil ring now so you don't forget it later Make unfired bowl at barb village Talk to the oracle Get the 3rd map piece for dragon slayer Tele to Lumby get Ned as your captain for dragon slayer MAKE SURE YOU HAVE THE ANTI-DRAGON SHIELD AND RECOIL RING EQUIPPED Go to Crandor and open the shortcut to Karamja volcano Bring swordfish/karambwans as your food As soon as you go climb down from Crandor, climb back up for karamja medium diary task Kill Elvarg, you can do as many trips as you want There are flinch spots in the room, but honestly you shouldn't have any trouble with this fight. Step under Elvarg when eating Finish dragon slayer and buy a green d'hide top from Oziach Wear gloves and pick up 5 nettles at the yews Make the stew for Evil Dave while you're at Edgeville If you don't have a cat then just leave for later, don't bother doing this with a kitten Tele to Lumby Fill a bowl with water, put nettles in it and use it on a range.(This is for ghosts ahoy quest) Finish Evil Dave subquest Do Death to the Dorgeshuun. While getting the robes, keep buttons(If you didn't get them while getting the rusty sword) Buy dorgeshuun crossbow and 4000 bone bolts Thieve Bullseye lantern from dorg chests Need a lockpick for the chests Finish Holy grail Do Horror from the deep quest Just mage the dagannoth and hide when it's weak to melee and range. Turn your run off so you don't get meleed, it's not difficult with blast spells. Use proper food like swordfish and karambwans. Do Turael slayer with dorg cbow until 37 Range and 18 slayer We'll be using Turael until 50 tasks completed, every 10th task should be done with the highest level slayer master you can use. Even though we are using Turael, the goal is to get slayer xp so you should always kill monsters with higher hp, for example on bat tasks kill giant bats. Vannaka has too many bad tasks so I think this is overall better. Get 100% hosidius favour, should have 300 compost in bank at 45% do mess hall until 100% and don't forget to lock the favour by talking to Hosa Buy mithril and rune axe from the woodcutting guild Do Animal magnetism Buy mithril platebody from Horvik in Varrock Buy mithril platelegs from al-kharid Do Spirits of the Elid quest You can use the mithril armor for tanking the golems, or flinch them if you're taking too much damage. Do the Underground pass quest Use the mithril armour for this quest, don't really need anything better at this point and you'll need to buy it later anyway HCIM; While this quest might seem like a dangerous one without overheads, it's honestly not. Check out the video. Here's a video of me completing the quest with same combat stats you'd have: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WI2SYhpwIh8 You can trap the paladins behind each other same way as the captain from the tourist trap quest. For the spider, there are 2 skeletons on the east wall, stand between them and then mage the big one with earth blast. Sometimes the little ones attack you but just run a bit north and then back to the same spot, they'll get stuck. Upgrade the iban staff Get 50 attack doing more Turael slayer, remember to get every 10th task from Vannaka If you get a task from Vannaka that you really can't do without melee protect then go kill sand crabs until 50 attack Make an amulet of magic Kill blue dragons with iban's blast for 43 prayer We don't have the agility level for shortcut yet so don't bother banking the hides, not worth doing twice as many trips. Add 2400 xp to your current prayer xp and calculate how many bones you need, level 43 requires 50339xp and 1 bone is 288xp with ectofuntus (2.4k pray xp is from ghosts ahoy quest which will be completed before using the bones) Regular ironmen can use the wildy altar if you want to, but either way it's only around 85 bones with ecto so do whichever method. Keep 1 dragon bone in your bank for the Watchtower quest Minigame tele to khazard Buy however many buckets of slime you need for the bones Equip Ghostspeak amulet If you didn't prepare the nettle water earlier, do it now Make sure you have all ghosts ahoy items bring GP stack, 9 d bones, 9 pot, 9 slime, general store sells pots if you don't have Charter to port Phasmatys Phasmatys/Canifis Start ghosts ahoy Grind 9 d bones and offer them, get ecto tokens Finish ghosts ahoy Grind the rest of your bones to get 43 prayer Do Monkey madness, focus the reward on attack and defense Do Wanted! quest Get 40 slayer Reminder once again, every 10th task from Vannaka (or from chaeldar if you're already 70cb) Prayer flicking is recommended, but Turael tasks are pretty easy so it's not mandatory Train range to 40 first and then start training Attack Do Shades of morton quest IF there's no one else to help you then this quest can be left until later assuming you used the museum lamps on herblore earlier. Take the book to the apothecary in Varrock for some free herb xp Get 25 herblore if you don't have yet Do Heroes' quest Do Fremennik trials Do Throne of miscellania Do Royal Trouble Put at least 750k gp to kingdom, set it on 10 herbs and 5 maples Always keep it on 10 herbs, but you can switch to 5 teaks at some point if you want to. Maples are good for afk fletching and birdhouses. If you want the absolute maximum yield then you have to get your favour back to 100% EVERYDAY rather than just when you collect, however it doesn't really make too big of a difference if you don't. Personally I do it every 3 days or so. Go back to blackjacking for a few hours and put more money to kingdom so that it doesn't drop below 750k Clean finds at the museum until you've found all 5 of the items you can get for kudos AND the ruby necklace Do Bone Voyage quest Set up your first bird houses Video by Alkan showing you how to start if you've never done them before: I'm not gonna remind you to do a birdhouse run, do them every 50mins Don't bother waking up every 50mins to do a run, but while playing you should at least try to be consistent with them. AFTER your first birdhouse run, RC should be your lowest skill Do Tears of guthix quest, do the minigame weekly it's very worth it RC should always be your lowest skill when you do this Start The Giant Dwarf quest to unlock Keldagrim Buy 2 inventories of gold ore from the blast furnace shop Go Edgeville furnace and make plenty of digsite pendants and games necklaces Make molten glass until 45 crafting, assuming you have the supplies. You'll need 45 for maple birdhouse when you get the 44 hunter. 45 is around 1k buckets of sand and soda ash Move your house to Pollnivneach so you can do a birdhouse run and quickly get back to blackjacking. Entering your POH portal in Poll is a diary task Get 99 thieving In all honesty it's not absolutely necessary to get 99 in one go, however it's recommended just for the gp you get from it. 99 thieving with the cape also means you never fail to pickpocket master farmers, so if you don't get 99 then you'll have to get your bird house seeds from Olivia, or do master farmers without 100% success rate. It's possible to do ardy knights instead if you prefer those, you'll have to do Ardy medium diary for them though. Ardy medium requires a mithril grapple, you can get it as a drop from barbarian spirits if you don't want to do smithing and fletching at this point. Iban's blast with protect from melee is probably your best bet there. This guide assumes you have the gp from 99 thieving, however most of it is spent after barrows gloves so you can still follow this without 99. Buy a thieving cape Thieve master farmers for a few hours to get a decent amount of seeds for farming and bird houses. Don't forget to wear rogues and the 99cape whenever you do master farmers Never farm guams, marrentill or tarromins. (unless you're hcim and need marrentills for training prayer, then farm some later) 1.4 Various skilling, agility for graceful Now that we have kingdom AND birdhouses going it's time to go back to fishing There are a few options on when to stop barb fishing depending on your goals: If you don't want to fish at all and you're happy with 74 fishing, skip to the next step. Getting 84 fishing will get you 60 agility which is a decent enough level since the seers course is actually pretty good one to train on. 84 fishing also unlocks anglerfish and minnows for PVM 94 fishing is 70 agility and 70 str. Gets you access to Poll course and by the time you get graceful you'll be around 80 agility. Also means you can get defenders very quickly since you only need to get to 60 attack 97 fishing is 72 agi and str. Stopping here is recommended if you're going to do some PVM but your goal is also maxing, the last 2m xp will come from karams/minnows/anglers for PVM 99 fishing if you're rushing max. Pick whichever option seems best for you. If you're gonna do minnows, get Angler's outfit at 81 fishing so you get manta rays instead of some crap fish like swordfish. Keep doing bird houses while fishing. After fishing (or during if you want a small break) Buy pinapples for supercompost from charter ships Put 15 pineapples into each of the compost bins at the allotment patches Don't do Hosidius patch yet, we'll be doing construction soon which requires house in Rimmington so it's not worth switching house to Kourend for 1 compost run and then switching back Mine Volcanic ash for ultra compost, get like 2k so you don't have to constantly come back to mine more Do a "compost run" meaning that you just get the compost from the bin and put another set of pineapples in them Store 15 supercompost in leprechaun for a quest, make the rest into ultras Use volcanic ash on the full bin rather than individual buckets of supercompost Buy ~200 chocolate from the grand tree food shop, don't buy too much since it's faster later from the RFD chest Make energy pots, plenty of harralanders from kingdom Camelot tele Plant barley seeds at the hops patch northwest of seers, pay the farmer 3 normal compost to look after them Minigame tele to blast furnace Do the Giant Dwarf quest if you need more rubies or emeralds, the gem stall in keldagrim is usually stocked. These next 2 quests have times where you have to wait for stuff to happen, smith iron dart tips while you wait Forgettable tale of a drunken dwarf quest There's an anvil near the bank in keldagrim Your barley will be ready when you need it, use it on a range to get the barley malt Garden of tranquility quest Enlightened journey quest You need 6 willow branches for the falador diary on top of the 12 needed for the quest so get those as well While waiting for the willow trees to grow; Do Eyes of glouphrie and Tower of life Smith the rest of your iron dart tips, leave 20 bars for quests Do a farm run of limpwurts, harralanders and more compost I'm not gonna be mentioning farm runs anymore, just do them whenever. Always use ultra compost on herbs, for limps i'd just use normal compost because the seeds are so easy to get. Go to the woodcutting guild Cut and make 1500 oak planks There's a deposit box inside the axe shop which is faster to use than the bank Get 50 construction lvl 22-33, oak dining table in the dining room lvl 33-50, oak larder in the kitchen Move your house to kourend now for farm patch Do Temple of Ikov quest Start fletching iron darts while you run around doing quests If you didn't get a yew bow from medium clues that you got from skilling, you can get a yew long from young implings or catch eclectics for mediums. Do the Regicide quest Pick up a few whiteberries just north of the elf tracker Finish Enlightened journey if you didn't already Unlock Castle wars and Varrock balloons for diaries Go to the small island at fossil island with the bank, where you dive to seaweed patches Make 2 lantern lenses before using all of your molten glass Dive down and blow all of your molten glass into unpowered orbs The goal here is to pick up the seaweed spores that spawn every now and then Like this: The spores can spawn north of the anchor so make sure you're checking the minimap and not just your item overlay I was getting around 25 spores/h while doing this, it's not much but it'll get you started. Plant seaweed after you get your first 2 spores. Do Hand in the sand quest, get daily sand every day Do these quests while fletching darts: Big chompy bird hunt Rag and bone man (first part, should have all bones in bank already) Family crest Start Legend's quest (Get vanilla pod for RFD) Death plateau Troll Stronghold I'll assume you have fletched all of the darts now. Go back to the seaweed patches to pick up the random seaweed spores. Fletch maple shortbows (u) until 55 fletching Fletch all of your maple logs into maple longbows (u) You will get a weight warning but you can just ignore that, it makes no difference unless you go to the deep water Make sure to leave some maple logs for birdhouses Buy 2300 gold ore from blast furnace ore shop, 2 invs per world Get goldsmith gauntlets Get 60 smithing Go to Edgeville Craft the gold bars into gold BRACELETS, leave like 30 bars for teleport jewellery if you need to make more Reminder to buy rubies from either keldagrim or kourend castle gem stalls if you run out The reason we are doing bracelets instead of amulets is the extra 120gp per high alch, which is worth more than 5xp Get mage arena cape while you're here anyway Buy another ~6k nats (from mage bank, get some cosmics too) HCIM; if scared, you should still have enough nats to get 63mage with alching, and then you can boost to get into wizard guild. Do agility until full graceful Alch your gold bracelets and maple bows while doing agility Loot kingdom and fletch more longbows to alch if you run out. Finish graceful even if you don't have enough alchs. Should get to around 70 mage by the time you're done with agility for now Do all of the RFD subquests Get 70 cooking at the Hosidius mess hall if you didn't get 70 from 3tick fishing Buy a bunch of chocolate dust from the chest and make energy pots Do A soul's bane quest Complete Varrock medium diary About daily bstaffs, I personally don't bother with them nowadays since you get so much gp anyway. If you want to do them then i'd recommend to at least wait until 59rc so you can rc double cosmics Get crafting supplies for 61 crafting, make molten glass at Edgeville Burn your giant seaweed into soda ash Put house into Yanille and fill your buckets with sand, bank at G.E using varrock tele after medium diary Lazy edit: do sandstone mining instead, it's a lot faster I don't have exact number on how many sand and ash you need, you can calculate it like so: (303000-Current xp) / 72.5 Get 61 craft, might as well do it underwater again for some seaweed spores 1.5 Diaries and finishing RFD Plant some Toadflax seeds, agility potion is needed soon for a quest If you didn't get 99 thieving for master farmers or don't have toadflax seed for some other reason, you can do a bit of brimhaven agility arena and get 2 toadflax from there Make a mithril grapple Do these quests for QP and diaries: Another slice of H.A.M Icthlarin's little helper Eagles' peak Enakhra's lament Rat catchers Olaf's quest Between a rock Tai bwo wannai trio Zogre flesh eater Rum deal & Cabin fever (Req 42 slayer, you should be close to it. Get a task from Mazchna for Mory diary if you don't have one) For the 47 prayer req, you can use the ancient mace spec to boost One small favour Watchtower quest Do all easy and medium diaries Wildy and fremmy mediums require higher slayer, leave those for when you go back to slayer. You probably don't have a crystal key for fally medium diary yet so leave that for later as well. For Lumby 50 range req I'd recommend ranging at pest control with bone cbow If you're not 70cb for intermediate boat then go do slayer now, train attack to 60 then defense until 70cb May as well stay until you get 250pts for void bottoms, good mage def. Need 55 range eventually anyway for red chins. Do Slayer until 60 attack Buy Dragon scim and Dragon battleaxe Do Eadgar's ruse Do My arm's big adventure Do Desert Treasure Get as much herb xp you can get from banked herbs and then open wintertodt crates for the mage logs if you didn't get them early. If you didn't get any mage logs from the crates then your best option would probably be nature implings in puro puro Could also do more wintertodt, even at 55hp and 90fm you're only taking 3dmg from the regular hits Training woodcutting is of course also an option Finish RFD, buy B gloves Here's a video of me killing the bosses with stats from following this guide, not too difficult: Goals after Barrows gloves Get 72 mining and do Lunar's diplomacy By far the best method for this is to fill up the sandstone machine(25k buckets worth), then claim however much sand you need for 80 crafting, and fill it again. Doing this will get you most of the sand you need for 93 crafting. Bring 7 waterskins for a 50min trip, drop them as they empty for more inv space. Only 60 mining is needed for now so you can do this in bits if you want to, but i'd recommend 72 for making friends with my arm and to complete fremmy hard diary very early for the shortcut Do Magic training arena for bones to peaches (diary req) and infinity boots. Should get you 77 magic if you've been alching maples Can also get master wand if you want, mage's book i'd say isn't really worth especially if you got tome of fire from WT. Get 80 crafting If you don't have enough giant seaweed yet, just get whatever level you can for now. Make at least 2 glories, put one in your house for the teleports. Make a ring of wealth to use during slayer This is of course if you've gotten crystal keys or dragonstone drops yet, which you very well might not have. Next few dragonstones should probably be skills necks for farming contracts Get a helm of neitiznot Get a fighter torso from BA Get a dragon defender If you didn't fish for str levels then you're gonna have to do some slayer before defenders to get access to warrior's guild. Train defense to 60 while getting defenders Read the rest of the guide so you'll know what's coming Start slaying. Plenty of garbage tasks early on, but just gotta deal with them. Should have plenty of ranarrs from master farmers if you don't want to pray flick. Prioritize slayer points on; Blocks* > Superior slayer > Slayer ring unlock > Blocks* > Herb sack/Slayer helm > Broads/Garg finisher > Extensions *Read the block list vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv How you slay doesn't really make a difference nowadays, farming contracts give you enough herb seeds so just slay how you want to ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Use Nieve until 100 combat Nieve Block/Skip list (This is how I slay, you don't have to do the same depending on your preferences) Block: Suqah (Block these asap) Black demon (Trash, skip if no points to block) Kalphite (Block after superiors and rings, you can kill the low lvls for fast points) Hellhound (Block after superiors and rings, do them if you don't have 100pts, not worth skipping) Skip: Iron dragon Steel dragon Scabarites Brine rats Turoth (Not terrible but I wouldn't do these, definitely skip before herb sack) Waterfiends Some additional notes: The only task I ever extend is nechryals I use the expeditious bracelets on all short tasks like ankou, black dragon The only tasks I use slaughter bracelets are: lizardman shaman(flick it for kill) before DWH Abby demons before whip if I don't bother boosting for it Krakens before trident. Get 58 slayer and camp for a black mask, do clues for black dhide Do Slayer until level 70 If you're fletching maples for some afk time, stop making longbows at around 75 fletching and make arrow shafts instead Need around 700k arrow shafts(11.6k maple logs) if you're going for 99 fletching The whole process of making broad arrows is roughly 180k xp/h even if you just bankstand, so a lot better than maple longs Broad arrows instead of bolts is because arrows are only 5.8gp/xp compared to bolts which are like 20gp/xp Regular ironman: Kill green dragons for 70 prayer, use them at wildy altar Use loot bag and bank hides also, make dhide bodies Unlock piety Next few goals: 100% all zeah favours 100 combat via slayer Get Void range from Pest control Hunt 2500 red chins (skip this if you've already got 70 range from some other method) Start MM2, chin to 70 range Complete Western provinces hard diary Get 60 construction with this method: Get elite void Hunt red chins until ~92 hunter, get +90 range Fire cape Quest cape, SOTE quest boss is pretty hard without brews so you can leave that quest for later. HCIM: Myth's guild green dragons for 70 prayer, use gilded altar Switch to Duradel, karamja gloves 3 or npc contact for new tasks Unlock lizardman tasks, msb(i) and rune arrows or rcbow and runite bolts are very decent at 90+ range against shamans Unblock black demons until 4 zenytes I just leave the shards in bank until i get a trident, then i go get chaos runes from barrows Slayer until trident complete hard diaries at some point during that grind to mix it up a little Duradel block/skip list (once again, this is just my preference) Block: Abyssal demon (after maybe 5 whip drops, keep suqah blocked until then) Black demon (after zenytes) Kalphite Hellhound (unblock temporarily when you wanna do cerb) Cave Kraken (after trident and tentacle) Greater demon Skip: Suqah (Do 1 task if you need teeth for spirit tree payment) Spiritual creatures Trolls Fire giant Iron dragon Steel dragon Scabarites Brine rats Turoth Kurask (I think they're garbage even if you get a leaf baxe) Waterfiends Some additional notes: The only task I ever extend is nechryals I use the expeditious bracelets on all short tasks like ankou, black dragon The only tasks I use slaughter bracelets are: lizardman shaman(flick it for kill) before DWH Abby demons before whip if I don't bother boosting for it Krakens before trident. PVM preparation, Barrows, Zulrah After trident: Get 83 or higher herblore, boost with botanical pie to anti venoms Get 82 construction with teaks, make the mounted myth cape for higher xp/plank You could go get a dragon axe from dks before this but even with rune axe it's not that much slower Boost +8 const for the highest tier pool Get 93 crafting Do barrows for 120k chaos runes and buy 4 onyxes for the zenytes If you get lucky with all the good items first then just buy the rest of the runes fury is kinda useless so i'd just wait until onyx drop from zulrah Kill Zulrah for the uniques I'll be ending the guide here, you can pretty much do anything you want now that you have trident, blowpipe, barrows, zenytes etc. Hope you enjoyed this guide. Shoutout to https://www.runescapeguides.com/
  9. they said deadman is sometime this year hopefully
  10. Yea... it was not even a fight just us killing VR. i know allu isnt feeding into this propaganda
  11. Great performance today guys! Thanks for the scrap Elite Zerks
  12. havent had a solid fight like that in awhile, thanks for the scrap EZ!
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